NEW YORK | Hudson Yards Rezoned District | 43M SF


platform foundation work?


“The The Wall Street Journal”


That is excellent news about phase 2! Im nervous about Calavatra designing something that will be too crazy, cost too much, and take much longer to build. Id be happy if Gehry just designed the rest of it himself.


Just walked past Gehry today! Love it.


I agree. 8 Spruce is amazing!




The set back really makes this “feel” tall. When it was just a giant blob of glass, it seemed uniformed, and didn’t have the feel of being tall. With the crown fast approaching, and the not-as-wide top portion, you really get a feel for it, almost like a perceptual illusion. Also, check out 10 Hudson. Hard to believe its 900 ft.


Credit for the shot goes to Andrew Nelson. I just cropped it for emphasis on the yards. A whole new city rising.

Food for thought. 8 towers for Phase II, another MW tower, and 3 Hudson/Spiral set to rise, all within the confines of this perspective.

Credit: Andrew Nelson via NYY


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Time Warner Center II.


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Today from the high line



Did you take any updates of BIG’s HFZ project and the Solar Curve?


nice. Saw there is a bit of news on PH2. You think we will start seeing physical progress on it by the end of the year? (like covering the western portion of tracks)




30 Hudson Yards crown beginning, taken 3/8/18


The New New York Skyline by Patrick Marella, on Flickr