NEW YORK | Hudson Yards Rezoned District | 43M SF


New York and Hoboken from Patterson Plank Road - Jersey City, New Jersey - January 11, 2018 (1) by Kevin Mueller, on Flickr




This just completely refocuses the skylines mass and I love it…


Luciana Couto




what’s going on in this photo? The Javits Annex?

Construction by Henry Hemming, on Flickr

seems like it. That building is becoming even more massive than I realized. I wish they set aside some of that space for future development.


Yup. Huge 1million+ sq ft expansion.

I took this a couple days ago.


Pic by me. Taken today. Javitz expansion. Part of it.

Javits expansion 1.30.18 C.Estevez by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr




NYC 1st Day-39 by Will McKeown, on Flickr

NYC 1st Day-42 by Will McKeown, on Flickr






^nice! I got a similar shot of the highline work a couple weeks ago. Looks like they are building a raised seating area here similar to some other sections along the line.


the latest news (which is admittedly quite old, from early 2016) showed gardens and planters sloping upwards, with seating steps on the backside.

Wish we knew when this section might open.


Thanks! That all looks great. Cant wait to see it complete.






Photocred: @erikajyll on Instagram




Looks like its from Eagle Rock reservation, but zoomed in. I love that place, there’s a good restaurant there too with the views.