NEW YORK | Hudson Yards Rezoned District | 43M SF




Quick drawing I made of what could soon be the view from the High Line

@Thomas_Koloski Could you tell me what program you use to make your renders I am tired of drawing on paper

had to finish it in a rush so sorry if some parts are not corresponding

Reference picture:


so cool!


Nice sketch.


Sweet sketch!!


Nice job, Tom!


I did not draw this, and it was PicsArt, an app


Our friend Thomas Koloski has found this shot!



View from The High Line

Another view from the High Line

2 pieces of the Vessel are now up


AMAZING shots, New!




From yesterday


Hudson Yards plaza is going to be a great spot






found this on Cetra Ruddy’s website after wondering if they put up any new renderings of 45 Broad St.

is it this project?


Nice find!

Definitely. Cetra Ruddy is the projects architect of record.


This area could use an 1800’ tower. Running out of spots.


360 Tenth Avenue will cost 3 billion, that’s probably our best hope for a pinnacle development of the Hudson Yards. It wont be a bulky tower with only 733k sqft to work with.
For comparison, 50 Hudson Yards and BIG’s Spiral are both about 2.9 million sqft. 35 Hudson Yards, a more apt comparison, is 1.2 million sqft.


Maybe with 3 Hudson Boulevard if they throw on the spire.