NEW YORK | Hudson Square Rezoned District


I couldn’t find a general Hudson Square thread, so I’m creating one. With news that both Google and Disney will be creating campuses here, there’s sure to be a lot of news surrounding the neighborhood.


The rezoning explained, including height limits (290’ roof height):

currently T/O:


currently U/C or proposed:

next door to 570 Broome


So much activity here! Thanks for all these, @YIMHudson. Here’s one more:


Also worth special note, that this looks especially exciting: NEW YORK | St. John's Terminal | FT | FLOORS


that’s part of the new google campus, there will no longer be housing - only offices. Don’t expect very much housing in this district, it’s very limited by height restrictions.


Yeah, I see that article’s 2 years old. Nonetheless, 550 Washington is an underutilized blight and the current scheme looks very promising. I worked in that neighborhood for about four years around 2010, and the change even then was palpable.


These are two separate sites, and I think you’re misunderstanding the zoning and ownership.

The Google offices comprise the southern 2/3 of the site, and the residential towers are coming to the northern 1/3. There are no height limits, and the sites are under different ownership. The previous five building residential site is down to two residential buildings, I think, because the remaining three were replaced by the commercial owners building the Google offices.

The residential towers (and the offices, I think) are utilizing air rights from Chelsea Piers and Pier 40.

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Yes, the northern site is still available for development. However, It remains to be seen how the owners will choose to develop it moving forward.
Before Oxford came into the picture, they could have exercised an as of right option to build 630’ on the northern site while converting the terminal to offices. Instead, they went through ULURP and the 5 tower scheme was the result. Now, the site is partitioned and presumably Atlas and Westbrook have less to work with since Oxford is sapping air rights to build an additional 12 huge office floors over the terminal.

Atlas Capital Group and Westbrook Partners sold the southern portion of the sprawling industrial complex to Oxford and the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board for $700 million in January, giving Oxford a 52.5 percent controlling stake, as Commercial Observer reported.