NEW YORK | "High Line District" (Special West Chelsea District)


The High Line District & Luxury 10th Ave Corridor Development

10th & 11th Avenue from West 30th Street to Little West 12th Street


The High Line District – Manhattan’s Newest Luxury Enclave

ON OCT.19.13

Evening Falls Over Jean Nouvel’s 100 Eleventh Ave Luxury Condo (L) with Frank Gehry’s IAC Building ® | Photo by Tony Sargent © 2013

The area along the 10th Avenue corridor from 16th Street to 30th Street is fast becoming Manhattan’s newest luxury residential neighborhood. Renaming it “The High Line District” instead of the generic “West Chelsea” will best capture the district’s new and exciting eclectic nature and architectural significance.

Already featuring a mix of boutique condos, long-established art galleries, and distinctive architecture designed by such luminaries as Jean Nouvel, Frank Gehry, Annabelle Selldorf and Shigeru Ban, now new developments of uber luxury residential condos are coming to the area including modern designs by Thomas Juul-Hansen, Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid and other prominent architects. These projects are being developed by HFZ Capital, the Related Companies, Cary Tamarkin and others to create an exclusive new neighborhood deserving of new recognition.

As I’ve also shared with prospective buyers of my gorgeous luxury penthouse listing at 444 West 19th Street this month, the area’s values are rising fast and the modernist luxury developments that are planned will all be priced between $2,500 to $3,500 a square foot as confirmed by C.J. Hughes’ recent New York Times article on the district’s transformation. Standing on the terrace of Penthouse 2, one has the most unique perspective and unobstructed 180-degree views over the area.

Anchoring the southern entry to the High Line, the Whitney Museum has taken form and will be opening to the public in 2015. Meandering from the new Whitney at Gansevoort Street to Hudson Yards at 30th Street (the future home of the Culture Shed) without the rush or screeching of cars, trucks, or blinking lights of cross walks, the High Line provides a unique and peaceful urban green-space experience.

The High Line opened in 2009 and was extended above 21st Street in 2012. This green ribbon, which once was slated to be demolished until it was saved by the vision and advocacy of The Friends of the High Line, a non-profit founded by neighborhood residents Joshua David and Robert Hammond, is the foundation of this new neighborhood and its “raison d’etre”.

If you are looking for a long-term real estate investment opportunity, the High Line District and the areas around it will deliver.

NEW YORK | 61 9th Ave (404 W 15th) | FT | 12 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 548 West 22nd St | 257 FT | 19 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 860 Washington St | 215 FT | 10 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 522 West 29th St (Soori High Line) | 135 FT | 11 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 319-323 10th Ave | 425 FT | 35 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 507-515 W 28th (512-518 W 29th) | 163 + 163 FT | 13 + 13 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 550 West 29th St | 135 FT | 12 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 520 W 28th St | 135 FT | 11 FLOORS
NEW YORK | The Fitzroy (510-514 W 24th St) | 120 FT | 10 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 501-505 West 19th St | 120 +120 FT | 10 +10 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 508 West 24th St | 120 FT | 11 FLOORS | Com
NEW YORK | 99 Gansevoort St (Whitney Museum) | 170 FT | 9 FLOORS | Com
NEW YORK | Solar Carve (40-56 10th Ave) | 190 FT | 12 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 525 West 27th Street (Jardim) | 135 FT | 11 + 10 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 540 W 26th St | 135 FT | 9 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 515 W 29th St | FT | 11 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 501 + 515 West 18th St | 250 FT | 21 FLOORS
NEW YORK | One Hudson Yards (520 W 30th) | 354 FT | 28 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 559 West 23rd St | 145 FT | 13 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 500 West 21st St | 80 FT | 8 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 551 West 21st St | 290 FT | 20 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 510 West 22nd St | 147 FT | 11 FLOORS

Great article by John Petro:

Bigger Density Bonuses Needed for Inclusionary Housing Program to Succeed

This area is very successful district when it comes to the inclusionary housing program!

(image from the Department of City Planning)


Random high line contruction.

Pics by me


Great updates, Chris!


So the highline is jam packed. So I would not refer to it as a park, but rather a beautiful elevated pedestrian walkway. I though it was packed and Hudson yards is still a construction zone… It is going to be nuts once Hudson Yards is up and running.

NYC should consider building elevated walkways in most of most midtown. For one it would create 2nd or 3rd floor retail opportunities, second it would be safer, third it would improve traffic flow for cars and buses and lastly it would be cool and yet another thing to make NYC unique.