NEW YORK | Hard Rock Hotel (159 W. 48th) | 442 FT | 35 FLOORS


Here’s the site today, June 8th.

The roughly 15 floor building just west of the garage is part of another development site.

I’ve always loved the walk-through waterfall next door!

Rockefeller Group owns this development site on the south side of the street. They own everything from the white garage on the east end (left of the Manny’s sign) to the two small walk-ups on the west side, which respectively house a Dunkin Donuts and a souvenir shop. Every building owned by RG is empty and ready to come down. I think they’re trying to flip the site.

Here’s a shot of RG’s site from the west side of the block.

Here’s a close-up if the two heaps not owned by RG. They concrete structure to the right is a new retail building that SLG is constructing on the corner of Seventh.

Here’s a shot from the corner of Seventh. You can see SLG’s retail building and Witkoff’s new hotel.

Barclay’s (on 7th)


Aug 27

No news


Several storefronts to be demolished for new Hard Rock hotel




This is great news. Hopefully, however, Rockefeller Group will soon demolish its filthy assemblage across the street. As of June 5th, the heinous, vacant assemblage is still standing despite the fact fhat demo permits have been approved. Maybe they’re trying to flip the site.


Demo starting.


Great shots, Spin!


From the NYP


The author of that article had a very negative tone towards the removal of parking spots in favor of new development. In my opinion, this is one of the most detrimental mind sets when it comes to city planning, dating back to Robert Moses and his hatred of mass transit.

Thanks to Moses our mass transit system lost decades of progress while he lobbied for more and more car use. The country actually has less miles of commuter rail today than it did in the 40’s.

All the while, other countries were investing heavily in their commuter/light rail systems.

Ok sorry for the rant. That author just hit a sore spot for me :wink:


I couldn’t agree more,
In general dont listen to the new york post
They are the haemorrhoid of journalism


Demo moving along here.


Too bad they couldn’t get that junky little food court.


Looks like that’s potentially part of another assemblage. On the below map, the same firm owns lots 1, 101, 102, 4 and 59. They’re just missing lot #3 and they’ll have a nice corner site on Seventh Avenue. Lot #3 is currently a strip club, so who knows when that ends and they sellout.

07 PM


Thanks for the great info, Spin.

I recall that someone bought that corner building to redevelop.



some activity on site


not much change, saw a worker nailing permits to the construction fence though so maybe something will happen soon


Nice shots, Oppi. I’m happy to see all that garbage gone. It’s a shame that they couldn’t get that junky little DD and luggage store.


a lot less dirt than last time!


down to bedrock