NEW YORK | Greenpoint Landing | (11 Towers) | 30-40 FLOORS


Is that a blue chromed out BMW X6 M?

Damn, nice!


Yup. Nice car, but the color is ridiculous!


from today, by me








Is that the same building as the one pictured above it?


It Looks like the later image is from the side of the building…


I think they have all been the same building, just different angles. From one of the aerial shots above it appears that they are starting prep or foundation work for the next tower to the southwest.


they are both the same building. The latest photo was taken in Greenpoint, whereas the other was not.


Today. Glass look pretty good so far. They were digging and doing caisons for the next tower.


D72_3896_PC.JPG by Richard Pockat, on Flickr


FAA approval for a 426’ building.:




Really nice!


this project will be on the radar once the second tower tops out 100 ft taller than this one. There’s also a sleuth of 200+ footers planned for Greenpoint’s waterfront separate from this mega-development. Some might be in the 400+ territory. That’s not tall by Manhattan standards, but it’s more than enough to be noticeable in this neighborhood.

r_180216209_beat0011_a by Mitch Waxman, on Flickr


2 more towers in the works, that would make 4 of the reported 10, not counting the affordable midrise buildings.


Second Tower already going up

From Monday: