NEW YORK | Governor Mario M. Cuomo (Tappan Zee) Bridge


Bridges, etc are always renamed. I believe that the Triborough is now called the Robert Kennedy Bridge. The 59th Street Bridge is now the Ed Koch Bridge.

The Tappan Zee Bridge was formally renamed for Governor Wilson, whom I’ve met, and he’s a racist by the way.


I just learned that the BBT has been renamed the Hugh Carey Tunnel.


It’s been that way since the death of the former Governor about six or so years. Everyone I know still calls it the BBT.


Good point Robert. I think people will still call this the Tappan Zee


all traffic has been shifted to the north span of the new bridge. The old TZB is now officially derelict. Demolition will occur alongside work on the southern span of the new bridge.


demolition is underway on the old bridge.

photos by The NYS Thruway Authority

Westchester Side

Rockland Side


ghost bridge


more photos by the New York State Thruway Authority

construction on the Westchester landing of the Southern Span

Rockland side


Tappan Zee Bridge 1955-2017/18

photos by NYS Thruway Authority