NEW YORK | Governor Mario M. Cuomo (Tappan Zee) Bridge


Great pictures of the bridge in progress you found, YIMHudson!
And I like Peregrine falcons!


another light test!


Looking good!!!


photos by the New York State Thruway Authority


Credit: Richie W


Mario Cuomo Bridge


nope. Tappan Zee Bridge. :expressionless:
Nobody will call it Cuomo bridge.


Don’t really care what it’s called, tbh. It will look amazing when fully completed nonetheless!


this evening.



Nice bridge but ugh.


Gonna be great to see the cars traveling across while watching through the live cams.


You mean the name? I think it should’ve stayed Tappan Zee


Like the Sears tower will always be the sears tower to the true fans, and not that ridiculous Willis name… the Tappan Zee bridge is just that.

Tappan Zee sounds spicy to say. TAPPaaNNN Zeeeeeeeiii

Rolls off the tongue.


the TeeZeeBee.


The TZ Bridge was actually renamed the Malcolm Wilson Bridge a while ago.


Good point Robert. I hadn’t even realized that. I suppose people will continue to call it the TZ regardless of Cuomo naming it after his dad


If they increase the toll a dramatic amount it’ll definitely be called the Cuomo bridge by drivers. With a few words in front of Cuomo.


Governor Cuomo is a master builder. He not only was able to get this bridge built, which prior governors failed to do, but he had it built on time and on budget.

That he is rebuilding LGA is remarkable.

His dad was a great leader and a great Democrat.


I agree, though his father had the insight to tag on Gov. Wilson’s name on the bridge rather than wipe clean the slate with a new name. Its not a big deal really, but I can’t see many people calling it the Cuomo bridge after the crossing had a different name for 60 years,