NEW YORK | Governor Mario M. Cuomo (Tappan Zee) Bridge


Cable installation is finally happening.


Almost every tower now has 4 cables extending down in each direction.

Taken today




from the live cameras







I think the towers will look really nice when they are painted. The cables are a beautiful white.




Bonus night shot




lighting test tonight.


Pretty good night shots, YIMHudson! :+1::+1:




They’ve got earthcams watching the construction from most angles possible. Those shots were from the Westchester angle.


A friend and I were having dinner at The Bridgeview tavern tonight and we were both blown away when we saw the light test!


Great bar!


Wow, I was at that place this Halloween. Great grub




432 Park is in that last photo above.


the first span is receiving the finishing touches. LED streetlights have been installed, and a protective barrier is rising along the two sides of the roadway.
Its fascinating looking at the earthcam photos at night - you get to look at two different eras right next to each other.

photos from the official website, credit: New York State Thruway Authority

more of the lighting



bonus picture from the website: one of the locals perched up