NEW YORK | Gansevoort Peninsula - Pier 52 - 13th Avenue


Pier 52 is currently operated by the NYC Sanitation Department. Although the bike and pedestrian paths continue along the waterfront, there is no public access to Gansevoort Peninsula.

Once the Sanitation facilities located on the Gansevoort Peninsula can be relocated, this large area will be home to such amenities as a rocky shoreline beach, a play lawn and recreational boating areas.

Manhattan once had a well-used Thirteenth Avenue. It ran from Bloomfield Street on what is now the Gansevoort Peninsula north to 23rd Street. The area was later excavated to permit longer ships to dock without blocking the channel. Today, only a one-block stretch of Thirteenth Avenue remains on the Gansevoort Peninsula. This block will be preserved once this area is redeveloped for park use.

Pier 53 is the home of NYC Fire Department’s Marine Company One, a functioning fireboat house and pier. There is no public access.



Sanitation facility demolished.



Proposed David Hammons installation.



Thirteenth Avenue:


People are just going to think that art installation is an unfinished construction project or tent frame :neutral_face:


Yeah, I like the general idea, but I’m lukewarm to the vision for the execution.