NEW YORK | "Fulton Mall Development" | FT | FLOORS


Will a tall skyscraper rise from this RedSky Capital Downtown Brooklyn Assemblage? They are teasing something on their website. 500k+ sqft available according to the above article.

NEW YORK | The Brooklyn Grove (10 Nevins St) | 318 FT | 24 FLOORS

nice! That "first peak " design reminds me of a cross between BIG’s 2wtc and 138 e 50th.


Every time I walk past this block, more and more stores are being shuttered. At this point I think only 1-2 stores are open on fulton. And I think every store was closed down on flatbush. Cant wait to see this whole block come down.




It’s great to see more crap come down in Brooklyn.


Flatbush is entirely shuttered now. Fulton I think is mostly closed. But there are some stores still open on Dekalb.








The building they have not acquired is smack in the middle of the block, slicing it in half.


They are starting demo right next to the unsold parcel. Couldnt tell what was actually open ( sunday). But it seems they still have at least a few stores on the block still not closed.