NEW YORK | Domino Sugar Redevelopment | (4 Towers) | 565-170 FT


Very impressive and not bad at all!!


Stunning, can’t wait for this beauty. What would New York be without Shop?


I agree, Robert. Shop is giving NY many new landmarks.


I’m going to enjoy watching these rise, as I drink my coffee with cream and some domino sugar.


The new towers are great (I’m very curious to see the view of whatever the big “O” shaped tower is framing across the river) but I am definitely the most excited for the refurbishment and re-use of the factory. Of all the prolific developers in NYC, SHoP have really set themselves apart as custodians of the the city’s historical gems.


The larger tower with the bridge and cut out rectangle in the middle, now, that is exciting. Nothing like it in the city and its frickin huge. This development will alter the area similar to One Manhattan Square in the LES.

The way the city is going, there is going to be a wall of towers along the East River stretching from DoBro all the way to LIC. And once the multi tower developments kick into high gear like Greenpoint, and Astoria Cove, it will be quite a crane festival on the river. Although I believe Astoria Cove is having some trouble now, but something will rise on those parcels.


skybridge! photo by Pixelicus, found on flickr.

NYC–10 by Pixelicus, on Flickr


how unfortunate… RIP


How unfortunate indeed. RIP



Took these today.
SHoP strikes again with copper cladding! Looks great so far.

The original building was pretty active inside today as well. I heard a lot of work going on but couldnt actually see anything.


Also I have never seen anything like those lifts/elevators to do the facade work. They look pretty cool.


This is a great project. I think it will surprise many once its fully done (all of the phases).


Great photos, JC.


Made a quick video:


Wow! Amazing! Pretty good video!


really really nice!!!


Awesome video! I’d love to have a drone of my own that has a 4k camera :fearful:




Those mast-climbing scaffolds are very common in Washington, D.C.