NEW YORK | City Point Phase 2 | 361 FT + 525 FT| 27 + 46 FLOORS


[B][U]Nearly 90,000 applications for affordable apartments at City Point in Downtown Brooklyn[/U][/B]

[QUOTE]Brooklyn Daily Eagle
If you wonder about how intense the demand for affordable housing really is in Brooklyn, consider this: There were 87,754 applications for the 200 affordable apartments at 7 DeKalb Ave.

That sky-high number comes courtesy of Aron Gooblar, vice president of Washington Square Partners, one of the firms that owns the newly constructed apartment tower at City Point, a mixed-use mega-development in Downtown Brooklyn.[/QUOTE]

[B]Some Views:[/B]


This one looks mostly complete. Taken yesterday.


Its nice to get a unit in this complex. The lottery has a big application pool, but to those who can snatch an affordable unit, its great. Imagine 9 Dekalb? Living there for under $1500? What a deal.


City Point tower 2



Taken today by me.


Juniors is such a pos, and the billboards on its roof make it look even worse.


Yeah I was thinking the same. It needs to go pronto. It’s a blight on a changing area. Its had its time, its legacy, but now it needs to be history.


What’s sad is that most of the new buildings in Downtown Brooklyn don’t look any better.


Nice photos, Chris.



From the backside of phase 2 on albee sq.


wow this looks nice!


Pic by me


Pic by me. Taken today. 5/27/17