NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS



As you can see in my above pictures, the shadows were devastating. Not a single child could play without being terrified of these mysterious “shadows”.


Awesome timelapse of about 4 years





18 floors above the last mechanical floors, 7 more floors to the setback. It is rising

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I thought it looked like it was rising again. Good stuff!



My view every day. I need to try and take some pics.


If that is the same NYGuy who was a ‘regular’ on WiredNY, when I was the moderator, then the above comment ring true. This forum seems to have some sort of inherent immunity to trolls, geeks, tools, jerks, harasses, and spoilers in general. WiredNY seemed to invite that ‘element’ - hence its eventual downfall. Again, sorry Edward, I know your watching - just speaking truth to power.


True, I think he was a ‘regular’ on the wiredNY forum - real jerk…


On a more positive note: Thomas K is among the greatest ever - and I have been following Architecture forums ‘for ever’…


Though I will reserve final judgment this building is not an architectural gem. Big does not equal beautiful and this one is proving it. The bottom commercial floors surely are unattractive. And the rest of it looks to be little more than a pretty standard glass behemoth that maxes out square footage. At this point it doesn’t hold a candle to 53W53, 111W57, or even 432 Park. Maybe I’ll change my tune when the protective covers come off the windows but I’m not holding my breath.


Its not outstanding, but I find this to be one of the better executed examples of 2000s displaced box-type architecture. Unique massings creating the artistic whole


I love this view on RT-3. I have a lot of clients out in that area, and its always a joy to head eastbound on this route. It creeps up on you, the city. One moment your seeing trees and gas stations, next thing, a massive skyline.


I agree with all of the above; and would add one more point. The 'standard glass" behemoth design is intended to ‘max out the square footage’ ; and they are also trying to achieve the all important 2 day turn-around cycle for construction. That means for every 2 days of construction on the superstructure, one floor will be completed. The 2 day ‘turn-around’ cycle dictates an architectural design that can be efficiently (ease of construction) built in the shortest possible amount of time. In other terms I guess you can say the beauty/style/visual appeal of the building has been ‘value engineered’ to the point of blandness.


That’s because I don’t tolerate that bs lol as a mod here. And it shows… because yimby forums is professional, and a real source of development news and discussion. The gold standard.

This forum would be nothing without its members and out of all the development forums, we consistently have the highest quality. The members are what make this forum great, and thus, we must treat every member with respect, even if we agree to disagree.


It’s amazing too because when you crest on the hill and see midtown, it looks like it’s right there when in fact, it’s still 10 miles away. Truly makes one appreciate how massive the city is.


Wow, that brings up an interesting analogy between Architecture/buildings and Architecture forums: they both can end up being Value Engineered if the proper balance is not carefully maintained. This forum seems to have a winning formula. I hope to see this forum continue to thrive in the long run; and not make the same mistakes that took place at WiredNY: which was I think sort of a pioneer in this specialized category.


Yeah. I always get a smile on my face. Even to this day. I’ve seen the skyline a lot, but there is always the jolt of energy. :smile: :beers:

Another favorite of mine is coming down I-78 like if your heading to Newark, and than taking the turnpike up to the Lincoln tunnel. Ala the Sopranos view. On a clear day, its a hell of a drive minus the horrific traffic during rush hour.


Indeed. I’ve been that way a few times, but it’s not in my normal range of travel. Definitely a great view as well.

One thing that I think would be cool is if someone could take that rt 3 shot and superimpose other skylines against it from the same distance. Would be a pretty cool way to benchmark just how massive NY is. Not sure how difficult it would be though. May be a challenge trying to get images from the same distance. Only surefire method I can think of would be using Google Street View images.