NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


Correct! LOL


Agreed, although I will give them this much: the cantilever in seen in real life from street level is pretty wow-inducing.


As an engineering matter, it is. As a design matter I’m underwhelmed, especially given what it does to the historic Art Students League building next door. I know the ASL received a significant amount of money for the air rights and that these funds helped guarantee some degree of longevity for what has long been a mainstay of art education in the city. But it still overwhelms what is a beautiful structure and makes it look puny from across the street. Standing in front of the ASL once the scaffolding comes down will be fine, but otherwise . . . . . As is often the case with land use policy in the city, there are blessings and curses. This one fits that bill.


Is it only me who likes One57 and CPT’s curvy bases?


Nah, I like them too. One57 I think all in all is a pretty cool looking tower, though the view from the park is a little unappetizing.


I like the way facades too!


I concur, One 57 is a really great tower and I don’t know why everyone hates on it so much.


I like the south face of One57 and I have no issue with the north face, but the speckled blue pattern on the east/west is just awful.
I don’t understand what he was thinking there :roll_eyes:


Crane has jumped


I wish there was more differentiation in the floors. Just in the facade. Then when up close it can be appreciated as being much taller. Instead of a sheer glass wall


Will this actually have 131 “real” floors or is that a marketing number?


Marketing. I think the real number is 95-96 slabs. Ultra luxury building so high ceilings in the residences and probably just as high if not higher in the Nordstrom retail part of the base.



CPT via the LGA visual approach. Imagine 1st time coming to this city and seeing this sight for the 1st time. You might need a new pair of underwear after it.

Credit: ady.joyful



That big oaf-looking thing with the vertical stripeage needs a reclad if it’s already been landmarked.

High-rise> architecture that pulls off that kind of nonsense on a mostly perpendicular street grid demands more justification than it might be receiving now.

It’d have looked more appealing on the other side replacing the red and white low(?)rises and that barren triangle with a flatiron design.