NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS




Photo taken by @mchlanglo793 in late December 2018



Has CPT taken over 432 Park in height yet?


No, still hasn’t risen yet




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Photo by @mchlanglo793
Looks like the yellow scaffolding is moving up so it’s rising


I think this is rising again?




Beautiful. Manhattan is truly best appreciated with foreground context from an outer borough (or Jersey).


this thing needs a spire!!!


In the dictionary, for the definition of a city, this should be the illustration!



Look at the density man!


I have a question, why does such a beautiful building have such a weird entrance? That entrance doesn’t seem fitting.


Maybe Barnett/Extell has a thing for wavy facades.

Not that anyone was asking but I don’t find this one beautiful. I am pleased its getting built because its bold and tall, but IMHO only JDS/Stern/SHoP and Jean Nouvel are coming up with the truly beautiful buildings in NYC right now.


That wavy facade is for Nordstrom’s though there may be an entrance on the ground floor that is not yet visible. In any case i agree that it is not a good design. And I also agree that the entire building is potentially a bore except for its size. That’s also true of so many other large glass buildings going up, including a bunch at Hudson Yards. Only 35 and 15 hit the mark for me there so far. I’m eager to see phase 2 which promises to contain more buildings with novel designs.


Its just exciting in terms of engineering tbh


The base looks like this: