NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS





Has this slowed down again?


Google Maps maps in that the pic is from April 2017. Might be the image quality, but it feels weird seeing 30 Hudson being a stump. That tower topped out very quick. Either that or time flew for us.

But goes to show how much the city is changing. Hell… in development terms last year is “a couple of years ago”.

When a city changes so much that time becomes distorted from reality relative to a frame of reference (in this case, the skyline changes), you know its a big boom.


Also using that April 2017, check out 220 CPS. That tower has been u/c for a while, and still is. Interior work is taking a very long time.



From 30 Hudson Yards.





How much left to go Tom?


Still at the same spot since the last diagram, 16 floors above the concrete bulkhead and 11 floors to the last setback


Is it stalled?


I hope not. It’s probably the same thing that happened a few months ago when it stopped for a bit, then continued


They finally added some more stuff to their website. Good renderings, etc…


Keep an eye out for the Blood Moon at midnight tonight.

Manhattan by RadPhotos, on Flickr


Very cool. Maybe keep an eye out for frostbite too…it was bloody cold out there today. I cringe at the thought of being out there at midnight.



Tomorrow is gonna be a cold one. Its going to feel like -8 F tomorrow in NJ/NYC, with a low of 9 F. Thankfully the temperature was higher today, so a lot of the snow or remnants of it melted and evaporated, but black ice still exists. Stay safe out there YIMBY family for those impacted by the snow/ice storm.


It wasn’t too bad when I left the apt. but after 4pm the temp dropped like a rock. At those temps, the fur coats in this shot will almost be warranted