NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS






Amazing shot. Is the tip of the crane where this will top out?


A little bit above it


I feel strange that I know Central Park Tower is one tallest floor top not 1 WTC and 1 WTC is one Tallest with Mast Antenna not CPT.




Nice pic, JC. One57 looks so small now lol. I remember when it dwarfed everything around it.

Tom, what’s your thoughts on doing a render of everything completed to the pic JC posted?


My pic was a bad quality cell phone shot, so probably not worth it.

However, I am going to borrow my dads slr for a bit. So I’ll try to get the same shot soon.


I’d love to! Once JC gets an even greater shot though


Sounds good. Thanks guys!



Transformer Explosion Turnes New York City Skyline Blue by RadPhotos, on Flickr


Towards Times Square by Eric Steinhart, on Flickr

From Central Park by Eric Steinhart, on Flickr



Are we at 1300 feet now?



app. 250’ to top-out. Each of the ribs before the final setback is about 10’ each.


This is fast approaching 1 WTC roof height status.