NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


How it works is there are 95 actual slabs, but they determine what they call the floors by just imagining each floor is 10 feet and dividing distance from top to bottom slab by 10. Then they assign the top floor the highest number and work their way down, so the floor count actually starts pretty high from the base of the building. To make it less obvious they also have more numbers skipped for mechanical floors than the real number of slabs


New renderings? Click link, there are quite a few pics in the album.

Now I wonder why they would leave out Steinway? Don’t want to draw too much attention away from CPT huh. :grin:


Fresh Renderings!


I like this perspective.

Click to zoom.

And this one


Thank you I was too lazy.


Anyone have a link to the video, I can’t seem to find it anywhere :frowning:



Had to add it in


Is anyone else ok with all the old buildings on billionaires row get replaced with supertalls?

Some of those lower older buildings are kind of starting to look out of place now. I say keep the amazing ones but ditch the rest. I would love for this part of midtown get over run by skinny supertalls. (which I NEVER say)


Lol you read my mind. I was going to request 111 W 57th but before I could even do so, it was completed. :beers:

I gotta learn how to do these renderings. Your so quick at them and less than an hour to do… thats quite quick. I’d be over there using paint, and it would look like a 3 year old did it if it was my rendering. :blush:

111 W 57th is the tower I’m most excited. Best tower on planet rising IMO, and that aspect-ratio is to be desired. It’s going to be exciting watching the set-backs as this speeds up. Should top out relatively quickly at the rate its going, before CPT.


Keep in mind that the skinny supertalls help preserve prewars, because they have tiny footprints, and require massive air rights to attain their heights. The supertalls only exist because there are prewars with development rights.


Oh, good point.

So theoretically how many skinny supertalls do you think could rise in that area of town between 5th ave and Broadway? (rough guess). How many skinny suprtalls could occupy say a 30 block radius?

I’m starting to feel like that section of the city should be NY’s “21st century” part of town. Think Shanghai’s business district.


Between Broadway and 5th? I’d say give or take 8 more skinnies.


Yeah, I’d say that’s about right. Maybe 6-10 could potentially still be built, not including what’s built and u/c.


Here’s a better render

And here’s a tutorial:

Selected image

Draw the shape of the building and have the correct lighting

Add reflections (buildings and clouds)

Make window panel lines

Add the final cladding


From today:




Anybody know how tall this is now (and a floor count)?


87/101, 86% Close to 1,200 feet



I can’t believe how much is still left!