NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


Is this building really going to be that blue? The color of that glass is awful.



No. The blue is protective film. It will be removed when the project is done. The color of the glass and paneling is silver/grey.


Ahhh I see. I just scrolled up and saw some of the previous closeup pics of the film on the windows. Pheww…That scared me for a second. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey thanks for the welcome. I love all the updates you guys have on all of these projects. I’m limited to what I can see on Google street view, renderings and Instagram so its nice to see more in depth progress oriented updates.


I’ve often wondered how many New Yorkers hate this building because they think it’s an ugly bright blue!


Lol probably alot.

I thought it was blue just because on One 57.




CPT taking over.

Really wish they had carried over the pinstripes onto the east/west face of One57. Not sure what they were thinking.


One57 looks like something you’d see in Toronto. That facade is certainly not befitting of its Central Park location


I bet this will be taller than the ESB before winter hits.


ESB’s total height is 1,454 feet, could be there by New Years or after


I wonder what it’s gonna look like having a roof height exceed the ESBs pinnacle.


I actually just meant sans antenna, but that would be great.



CPT from a distance. Along with the impact of HY.

Also NJ’s new tallest, 99 Hudson.

If we look at where Journal Squared Phase 1 is, due to elevation, phase II will have more of an imopact than 99 Hudson.

Honorable mentions to the LIC cluster for its impact.

5425x3616 (click to zoom) - click twice to zoom in fully :slight_smile:

Credit:tom hart


wow!!! Awesome…your picture one best ever I mean this make me breathtaking view to my eyes.


visible from times square now


There’s actually a pretty sweet view of this from the corner of 41 and Broadway. Really starting to menace over the area from 15 blocks away!




1,180 feet tall