NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


Nicely documented. The next four hundred feet is going to be very impressive.



The four sisters of Central Park. Side note, 220 Central Park’s lights are incredible.




Moth. Air. Fog. Hair.

I thought I’d never see the day when a shade over 1000’ (talkin’ to you, One57) gets blown out of the water.

And IIRC, no one exactly/explicitly/implicitly/otherwise declared the addition of an architectural spire absolutely out of the question, either.


Whoa, sweet work as always, Tom! CPT and Steinway look freakishly tall next to One57!


Great work man. I didn’t realize how incredibly tall they will look.


Great job Thomas!


Great work! Wouldnt steinway be a bit shorter though? It looks a lot taller than the 50 feet it has over 432 park.


A little bit, yes


I think it’s accurate. 432 is a bit further back from the camera.


How long until CPT and Steinway are topped out? Thoughts?


Last I guessed I said February, but now I’m thinking April 2019


I’m starting to believe Steinway will top out before CPT. Even though CPT is rising at a reasonable pace, Steinway is just shooting up. Less complicated floor plans. I’d say Steinway first by end of Winter or beginning of Spring 2019.


That’s what I was thinking too lol



Is that the Essex House next to CPT in that pic? Could it be anything else?

If it truly is, I gotta say it’s NUTS that this tower makes a 461 ft tall building look like a cottage:


T’is indeed


Comparison with Essex House:

Source: cityrealty


The top of the Essex House sign is 503 feet according to CTBUH:

For reference, the tallest building in Phoenix AZ is 483 ft.

So yeah, Central Park Tower is just on that next level!