NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


A bloc of windows has been revealed. Looking crisp and high quality. Pics by me.


Great shots, Street!


I wonder how many manhours it will take to peel all that protective plastic off :scream:


Maybe it balances out the time they would have to spend cleaning it. These big towers build up a lot of dirt by the time the window cleaner is ready for use.


Let’s have a meet up and climb the tower and take it off. It’ll be gone in no time!


As someone who gets satisfaction from peeling off protective plastic, yes! As someone who does have a moderate fear of heights, hell no! :stuck_out_tongue:


yes, WT1 took years to get cleaned after topping off,
that drove me nuts

i much prefer this approach


Ohh… that glass how look like? that glass give me bored but really I don’t like all glass tower not great. I thought Central Park Tower is blue glass but it not and now I see it


Can someone ban this guy?


I’ve asked before…




Pic by me. Taken today.

nyc29 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


I love how they break the “plateau”. It’s the next generation!


The next generation Plateau. The 1400’ plateau.






Last week


Looks like its now starting to make some height difference with 220 Central Park South and One57.