NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS







Why is it going at such a Snail’s pace lately?


Because building construction slows down on mechanical floors.


Is this the last mechanical section until the top?


Simple shape but this is an engineering marvel imho.



It also balances out 432 (along w/ the steinway tower)… and that counts for a lot!


So true. 432 and CPT act as book ends to the park.


This is true.


Just to clarify, this is definitely still rising right?


I think the reason people are blindly speculating that progress has halted is because there is nothing in the immediate area to benchmark it against anymore. It looks to be over 1100ft already. It’s also garnering lots of attention so some people post older photos of it and people assume that they are up to date.


Yep exactly. I saw this last night and it’s definitely rising but its tough to judge from street level.

Also the lights on 220 CPS look amazing!


It’s moving at a rate so slow compared to other developments it’s sometimes hard to tell if it’s moving at all.
I also don’t think it was moving this slow before…




The Chrysler Building is hanging in there.


What amazing shots, Tec!