NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS





Click through for a nice model




Amazing! 3 towers over 1,400 feet are now popping out the skyline!


From today:


It’s so hard to get a feel for this tower with that ugly blue wrapping on it!


At least we know it’ll all be off soon!


I wonder whats leads to the decision to have wrapping versus not. 432 had window wrappings. But Steinway doesn’t…


From Friday


As ugly as they are, the window wrapping is really smart… prevents a lot of this random breakage during construction and also eliminates the need for an initial washing of all the filth— it’s easier to peel off those covers than have to clean by hand



Yes I agree with you I don’t know why cover glass with blue really ugly and shape tower also…


I don’t know why but the blue doesn’t bother me. What’s the actual color going to be? The lighter shade we see in the renderings?


I wasn’t complaining about the actual wrap, ugly as it is. my point was merely that it’s hard to get a feel for this tower because of it, and because of the lack of cladding thus far.


the big reveal will be grand,

imagine going from ugly blue film to super sleek glass overnight, literally


We wish it were overnight…
But have you seen how slow these BMU guys operate? They’ll peel off thirty panes and call it a day’s work. If they really wait until the end it’ll probably take at least three weeks to unveil the building


Yea, they do take forever when taking off some thin lousy tape. The Comcast Technology Center still has it on the cladding and it’s due to open in the next few months!