NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS




Nice shot, Andreas



Excited for the protective film to come off, does anyone remember when it started to come off at 432PA?




From Today, Top of the Rock and Times Square Tower.

If I’m not mistaken, it’s taller than 220 CPS now!!


Actually I think I took that from top of the rock now that I think about t but it could have been from Times Square Tower


I think its extremely close to surpassing but not there yet. It looks taller from that perspective though. I bet in a week it will be for sure.


My render from nearly 4 months ago
Green line is where the tower is at now
Top out in July?





Taken by me today. It’s so beautiful out! Love this time of the year.


Nice shots, Baronson!


This tower is elegant from all angles, but more understated from certain vantage points. I feel like to truly appreciate it, you have to be right up under it. With the cantilever, and at 1,550, that view is going to be spectacular!


Also, what is the purpose of the temporary structure right under the cantilever? I’ve been curious about that. Thanks!


I agree. This is a beautiful tower.


It’s hard to describe the insane presence of all these new towers on 57th street. It’s a cool sight, especially juxtaposed with the much older (and sometimes repurposed) buildings. Steinway is kinda a classically beautiful NY with the terra cotta. This one is more of that kinda no F’s given NY attitude though. I love it.


Probably just for structural support


overhead protection


The “temporary structure” was part of the forms built to hold the cement poured at the bottom of the cantilever. It was left in place for months before the cantilever started to rise to let the cement cure enough to hold weight above. Cement continues to cure for a very long time and gets stronger as it does. So this may be in place both as continuing support and as a way of attaching netting and the like to protect the historically designated Art Students League Building below it. The ASL sold development rights to the developer.