NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS




Your thoughts become your words by Roman Kruglov, auf Flickr


220CPS would have looked amazing up Broadway without Nordstrom Tower in the way, not unlike 15CPW without the Gulf Western building in the way.






BFGoodrich is getting some classy copper framed windows. 1790 Broadway is finally getting its much improved retail facade as well


Nice shots, Street.


Right–nice shots. But the building, except for the potentially interesting shape and the height, is turning out to be less than architecturally interesting. The bottom floors with the Bloomingdales are terrible at the moment. The best of the project is what’s going on with restoration of the surrounding historic buildings.


I agree. Beyond the height, the only interesting feature that I see is the cantilever. I think that it will be an interesting effect when you have the huge bulk of the building perched above that ledge.


the finished product might surprise us


I have a feeling the combination of the fins and lighting may make this tower far more striking at night.


Obviously I hope you are right. It is such a huge addition to the city it would be wonderful if it actually was interesting.


I don’t think this tower will be dull at all. The design is actually pretty cool and that cantilever is impressive. The way it tapers down in width looks pretty sleek I’d say. IMO there are much duller structures in the city


There will also be vertical fins added to the facade that will add visual interest.


My point exactly. A few comments up




This really could go in any of the super tall threads, but I’ll just pick this one. Anyways, credit goes to fellow YIMBY member “Andrew Nelson”. Just cropped it due to size.

We can see 220 CPS, Stienway, CPT, 432 Park, 281 5th Ave and Verre.

This is the kind of stuff that the renderings years ago made us drool, and right here… we have it manifesting in front of us.

Credit: NYY via Andrew Nelson

Be sure to read his post on 3 WTC. Excellent, high quality work as always Andrew! :wink:




Around 810 feet tall


I wonder when will this hit 1000 feet and when will this top out?