NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


End of the year for Steinway. Its moving quite quickly, and the gap is narrowing.


You’re right. Steinway is definitely flying up too. How tall do you think Steinway is now?


CPT will surpass 220 CPS in April/May but it won’t top out until March 2019. 111 West 57th should top out at about the same time if work continues at the current pace.


This is a very amazing picture from SSC:

This may have been shared before, but I don’t recall seeing it.




October 17

January 18


January 26th, 2018


Dunno why I’m already bored with this tower. :slight_smile:



Great shot. Quite frankly, I’m more interested in Steinway out the bunch illustrated.


I love Steinway. I’m also happy though that CPT is probably the least skinny of all the new supertalls around the park and is also the tallest. Should really help to solidify its place.


it is really, truly, uninteresting, apart from the height





Is this around 750’?


I think it’s at like 800’ now.


Yeah this is the closest figure as of now. Cityspire as a reference next to it is 814’.


Some cool pics from SSC:

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Woodrow Wilson!


I see your Woodrow and raise you an OWEN Wilson.



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