NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


There is precedent. Weehawken High School’s football field is directly above the tunnel entrance. You pass it every time you’re on the Helix.

Sorry for the post diversion! Just wanted to make this point! :sweat_smile:


Cool! I want to see the entrance to the BBT in lower Manhattan decked over too.

Here are the existing conditions and the proposal from ten years ago which never gained traction.



Sorry to stray off topic, but since we’re talking about the Dyer Ave area being a mess, I would like to rant about these buildings shown here on Google Streetview … For at least the last 10 years these buildings have been pigeon infested eyesores. If you take the bus out of the PABT you’ll have seen thousands of pigeons flying between these 2 buildings. The apartment is obviously occupied (I can’t imagine people are paying market rent to have those pigeons constantly on their window ledges and balconies, so I’m guessing it’s some type of subsidized housing). The hideous blue building has to be vacant. I can only imagine how many feet of pigeon shit are piled inside. Maybe it’s not desirable to leave that close to the busiest bus ramps in the entire world, but I really hate those buildings.

Update: Apparently that blue building was recently owned by Hunter College. It is now owned by Pigeon College.


^That’s a major development assemblage. That whole block will be redeveloped in the coming years.


That’s great news, development can’t come soon enough






Extell basically tried your decking over Dyer, but doesn’t seem to have gotten anywhere in years:


Cool night photo taken the other day on SSC

This thing is getting so tall. And it’s not even close to it’s full height yet.

What a time to be alive!


Still about 700 feet to go yet




Its crazy how it looks so short in comparison because of how thin 220 CPS is from the west


True, it really doesn’t look that tall compared to 220 CPS and its actually already taller than the nearby Time Warner Center. Give this another 6 months and everyone’s perspective will change.


Without a doubt. It sure is a sneaky one.



one landmark and two future ones


You 'da man, Oppi


Im curious about some milestones. In your guys’ opinions, when do you think Nordstrom will surpass 220 Cps and when do you think it will surpass 432 Park?


End of the year (possibly jan/feb 2019). I think Steinway when topped out, CPT will be at 1400 ft.


You think it will take until the end of the year for it surpass CPS or for it to top out?