NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


Wow! !


Thanks for the recent updates guys. This thing will start to stand out now that it’s passed most of the buildings in the area.


This tower’s domination of Gotham has begun!!!


In the picture Street posted, the roof of CPT will be out of frame once this tops out. In fact, the top of the picture is probably about 1250 feet relative to the position of CPT. This tower is going to dominate everything!



December 22nd, 2017






Good start to the year




It’s so hard to spot this from RT 3 still because it meshes in with 220 CPS and One57.

Also that’s a cool perspective. It makes 30 HY look like it’s 600 meters tall.


Seeing this view makes me wonder whether all the spaghetti going into the the Lincoln Tunnel should be another spot for large scale development on a platform ala Hudson Yards. At the moment it’s just ugly.


I’m thinking that we might hit 1,000 feet by mid April. Finally sticking out of Midtown!




Nice pic but it’s clearly been photoshopped…they edited out traffic on the helix


Is that the crown of CPS starting to peek out from under the curtain???
What a tease!


Looks to be closing in on 800’, this is really growing at a fast rate!


Those buildings right in front of the ramp are new from about a few years ago. I think all the land inside the junction is owned by the Port Authority and they use that lot for storing machinery


Perfect. If you can build over trains you can build over snow removal equipment or whatever is stored there.


Are you talking about the spaghetti network at Dyer Ave? If so, I agree. Since that area has been decrepit for so long, that wasted space went unnoticed. Now, however, it’s a huge waste of space. As I recall, the PA considered building a new Bus Terminal there. Apparently, however, there will be no new terminal since the PA, like the City, is broke.

I’d like to see it decked over and made into a new park with most air rights given to the developer that pays for the construction work and the rest being sold.