NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


They grow up so fast


Carnegie Hall Tower across the street to the south is 757 feet high, so this tower is closing in on 750 feet already.


Then 25 more feet!


Lets double that, and get the final product. :slight_smile:



Too bad this wasn’t 131 actual floors :smiley:


Beautiful photos, Stig!


Earlier today, will hopefully get this shot on my camera when the sun comes out:


Picture that view in a year… ^




I think it’ll look like this in almost a year from now


Nice work Thomas


When topped out

I tried to make the crown as accurate as possible, but I couldn’t find that image of the 3d model of the buildings concrete and steel structure


Nice work Tom. That’ll be a site to behold from the street!


This time last year, CPT was roughly 300 feet in height. Construction seemed stalled on the cantilever due to the complexity. It wasn’t until the end of March 2017 when the building began to rise above the cantilever. Nine months later, and CPT is now closing in on the half way point. Given that the rest of the program is relatively straight forward from here, I expect CPT to rise another 600 feet by next December, for a total of ~1,300 feet in height. Top out at 1,550+ feet won’t
occur until Mid 2019.


Hi Thomas: I was recently in mid-town for work and had the opportunity to view CPT from several different perspectives. This building is going to dominate the skyline. As spectacular as the view is from Central Park, the building is going to be absolutely imposing looking north up 7th avenue from Times Square. It’s hard to comprehend the scale unless you are there.


THOMAS. What a lad you are



Nice shots, Stig.

Can you post updates for Extell’s site on 5th between 47th and 48th and for Ceruzzi’s site at 520 5th?

Also, if you go downtown, can you post an update for SL Green’s site on the west side of Broadway across from the Fulton Street Station?