NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


City of Steel by Pixelicus, on Flickr


Is 1556’ what’s on the dob filing?


I think so


My brain knows that this tower wont have a spire and that 1556 will be it’s height,
but my heart is still hoping against hope that it will pull a chrysler and sneak the spire in


I just went thru some original renderings of the building and it looks like the “lip” was suposed to integrate with the spire… (photo credit @chused)

Who knows?!?!

Edit: i see now that the “lip” is on the wrong side but 1 can still hope


Hum… That’s interesting.


Are they required to list the building height including a crown on permits? Could this actually be say, even 100’ higher with a crown that they aren’t mentioning?


I’m not sure mow much NYC building code cares about spire height, but I imagine the FAA sure does. That would be the filing/approval to keep an eye on, I would think.

(update) From the FAA filing:

Any height exceeding 1551 feet above ground level (1631 feet above mean sea level), will result in a substantial adverse effect and would warrant a Determination of Hazard to Air Navigation.




Interesting. I wonder what the minimum altitude an aircraft must maintain is in order to fly over NYC.

I found this from June of 2016. What’s the date on yours?






user viewfrommywindow at SSC








Wake me up in 1,000 feet



Nice shot! I like that you can clearly see the main tower now. 900 feet to go or so!