NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


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Walked by yesterday evening. Construction lights were on in the Nordstroms floors. Look was eerie but I guess that’s the future. This store complex is huge. The men’s store across Broadway is two floors on the entire block. And the new store runs not only along 57th but also into the infill building on the east side of Broadway. It’s a huge investment. Given the present state of bricks and mortar I wonder . . . .











Photos by my 11/4
I feel like the waved façade at the base currently looks real tacky (and dirty?). Hopefully with proper lighting behind it looks better…
Also, is there a reason why there’s a sheer concrete wall on the side of the building; as in, does this mean that there won’t be any windows on that side on all those floors?


Yeah I agree it looks shit rn,
however apparently there is a film on it so hopefully it will look good once that is gone.


That’s a good location for a shearwall…as opposed to dropping it down in the middle of a department store or having to work around it in the residential lobby, loading dock areas, etc. The views from those windows would be poor anyways-- you’d just be looking at the eastern neighbor’s old roof. With all the anchors, it looks the concrete will be clad with the facade and once complete no one will be able to tell whether there is concrete behind the facade or not.


Central Park & City Autumnal Panorama by Danny Daly, on Flickr

Central Park West Autumnal by Danny Daly, on Flickr


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Really catching up to 220 CPS.


This is about 700 ft by now?


220 CPS is 950’, so this is closer to 600’ judging by the last photo.


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I’m so curious to see what all the promotions for this building mean by rising to over 1,550 feet…


ok, thats something. extell says the same thing.

Rising over 1,550 feet above Manhattan, Central Park Tower will be the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere.


While the Extell site shows no spire, the smithgill site conveniently cuts off the very top of the building in order to hide something :wink:


I’m pretty positive that the “over 1,550” reference relates to the actual height of around 1,556’. There won’t be a spire.