NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS



Nice shots Jag


Sorry to be that guy, but how tall is this one now? Is is further along than the 111 West 57th St? It should be a fun competition to see which tops out first!




This is around 150m up or just around 500 feet.
111 is around the 100m or 330 feet benchmark I’d say so this is definetely ahead
111 Is less tall and growing at a slightly faster pace so I’d put my money on 111
We can only wait and see I guess :+1:


This tower looks to be about 600 feet tall. The black building just to the right foreground is 888 7th Avenue, which is 628 feet tall. 111 is approaching 500 feet tall. For reference, the building in front (to the north) of 111 is 456 feet tall, and has now been surpassed.



great photos 5B!


I concur!


Thanks guys.





Beautiful shots, City!


From a photographer’s Snapchat (@phillysuspect on Instagram)


Is that narrower section to the right the main portion that will rise the full 1550?


That last picture is the CPS building not the Nordstrom tower.


You have to click it to make it bigger and then you can see CPT.


Yup, it is!


Nice, thanks for making that mockup. So essentially CPT is about 600 feet now. Stick CPS on top of it adding an additional 950 feet that’s how tall this will be… Wow!


Oyy veyy this is making me schvitz