NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


Great shots, Street.


Earlier this week.



Images taken today. First three of Nordstrom’s facade on 57th together with the tower.

Here’s the nice infill portion on Broadway.


Is it just me or does that base facade look like a giant dirty piece of corrugated plastic like what I used to make the roof of my garden shed ?

No bueno


I find it ugly as well. Maybe lighting will rescue it a bit. The infill building on Broadway is delightful.


It currently doesn’t look great, but it’s still got a hazy protective film on, doesn’t it? I’d wait to see it all removed and the windows washed before passing judgment.




It does remind one of that material, and that’s an unfortunate association for a lot of people.

But otherwise I think it will look great. I love curved glass. With no film, cleaned, and good lighting, it should look nice.


The glass without the film looks sleek and slick imo, Just like in the renderings.

iiConTr0v3rSYx on SSC posted this:

Tease of the base cladding…




interesting. I don’t remember there being any fins/cladding protrusions like that.


I must have just missed you yesterday.

Got the same shot.

A few more


Ha! 5B just back the first person to catch me in action today.


You guys randomly met up?


Yup. He was in my way on the phone Ha! Trying to get a shot of One Manhattan Square on the Manhattan Bridge.


Always hard to judge from pictures. Does this feel tall in person now?


Thats what I always wanna know. Yes. It does feel tall, but luckily It will feel insanely tall soon enough





2020 (i decided to put the spire on there)