NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


It’s crazy to finally see all those cranes dotting the skyline. In a couple years the view will be so different


Now you’ll know how a whole bunch of us will feel when the whole WTC site is done.



Nice update on the glass! Looks great.


Thanks JC - LOL you didn’t call me out on that previous post…I meant to post that to 53W53rd. OH well…that’ll happen when you get home late because you were taking pics after work and now dinner is getting cold and get off that lousy computer!


superb shots


Thanks Street


In your photos that very prominent “lip” of cladding on the southeastern facade is very interesting! Hadn’t seen that detail in any of the renderings. Looking forward to seeing how that plays out when more cladding is put up


Why are they starting the cladding up there?



Looks like a new trend. They did it by 15 Hudson yards as well.


generally when there is a break in the wall system design they do this. the lower portions of both 15 and nordstrom are very complex and they do not want to wait for building enclosure on the upper floors because the lower floor wall system will take a long time to complete. it will negatively affect the schedule.


Thanks, Falcone.

You add a lot of insight to this forum!


Yeah, ditto to what Rob said! Thanks for clearing things up!


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You covered a lot of ground, City.

Nice shots.


Best exercise one can get. Checking out all the developments.

This is coming out great.

Last time I did a photo run, my feet were sore for three days. No subway either, if I had to go to DoBro from 59th, I walked!

Best done on a good day, with excellent weather. Fall time is the best IMO.