NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


Instead of Top of the Rock go to Bar 65. Two floors below. Open to the public. No lines. Free. You just have to order a drink :slight_smile:


have the same problem too! It’s annoying.


SWEET!!! What a beautiful site to see.




This is definitely setting a new benchmark for the city. Just look at that thing!




I am still hoping against hope they pull a Van Alen and sneak the spire in there at the last minute.
I like the tallest buildings in the city to have spires, it adds personality to the skyline. And if they make a creative spire design it could look amazing!


Larger image




Didn’t even notice the setback in past updates, this is going fast


With the setback we should be rising even faster now.
Tom, I borrowed your image from a few weeks ago just to ask my following question.
Are we now where I outlined (very poorly) with the yellow line?


I really don’t think so yet, the height of the tower would need to double the cantilever above the front setback, which I don’t believe has happened. But it’s growing steadily, thanks for all the pics, I’m enjoying the progress. Sorry if I was vague but don’t know how to explain better.




pics from today, by me… cladding has started on the tower portion, :slight_smile:

looks like there is some blue protective film on it.


Nice shots, Street!!!


Looking good. Nice pics.


Thanks guys!


Holy Curtain Wall!!! It’s happening!!!


Cladding on the tower portion is like shaking your present before christmas


A bit older but: