NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


Can’t wait to see this one person. It’s going to appear gargantuan looking up at it. When do you guys think it will hit 1000 feet?


This should start flying up.


Little less than a year from now


February 20

May 8


Nice shots, ilny




Is that from the Met? I’m going there tomorrow.


Yep, it’s from the roof garden above the modern wing.


I love going up there.

Great shots!


Can you still get up there for free? It always feels very risky doing so when going up there. One of the best vantage points of NYC!


You have to pay the admission price to the Museum to get up there.


I must be getting confused another place then haha!

I must admit, I am impressed as to how prominant 520PA looks. Its location helps to play a major part in this and despite how tall it Is, it makes 432PA appear even taller in comparison. They do create a highly satisfying book end for that corner of CP.




Technically, the museum is pay-what-you-want. Suggested admission is $25 but you don’t have to pay anything. The roof garden is part of the museum. They do an annual outdoor installation up there. The view is free but the wine isn’t. :wink:


They’ve floated the idea of changing the ‘suggested donation’ price to apply to NY state residents only because they’re running a huge deficit. So either they are going to have to serve whine at the admission desk or sell a lot more vino on the roof.


Great shot Tec!


The growing midtown skyline.


Very Nice shot, Chused