NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


Finally! Some visible growth above the cantilever!


I was just gonna say, has this just sprouted a great amount all of a sudden???


It seems to have.


Hallelujah! Rise baby rise! :beers:


Good one, Robert!




You cant see the cantilever portion rising due to it being setback another 10+ feet to the north (wont be flush with the main portion of the tower that we can see). So that is why we cant see much happening but the entire tower is rising now which is great.


Great photos, JC.


JC you’re saving me some time :slight_smile:


Seems like we hit almost all the same spots recently. :beers:

You should still post your pics though. We all know yours will be better than mine. Lol.


the core and cantilever are viewable from this angle in Central Park. Photo by Andrew Dallos

Central Park in Fall by Andrew Dallos, on Flickr


Thanks to everyone for always posting great and numerous updates :grin:


Nov 28


Great shots!

That construction worker really gives the cantilever a sense of scale.



I barely noticed him until he started walking around.




Whoever’s view this is, I hope we get to see more.


From Skyscrapercity


With those measurments, I created this


Fantastic work Thomas!

I must admit, I do find Sketch up quite infuriating at times to work with haha! It makes me appreciate your work that bit more :slight_smile: