NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


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seems like there’s been no visible progress on this for months, correct? I wonder what’s the hold up.


It appears that they have been waiting for the structure on 58th Street to rise matching the height of the tower core. I assume this section will help to aid the structural stability of the cantilevered tower by anchoring it down with added weight on the opposite side.

The footprint of the current upper floors form an L shape.

Fantastic photos btw Tectonic, as expected!


The cantilever should start very soon!

Sep 14th


131 Stories!!!





What do they mean by “over 1550 feet”? Do they mean 1550’1’’, or 1600’? I’m curious if there will be a height bump.


I’m still wondering if 131 floors are real floors. Lets assume the units have ceiling heights of 12’ , this at a minimum would be 1570+ ft. Not to mention that large size of the store base. Unless they are going with 10’ ceiling heights, and when you add the mechanical, and store base, this would be 1,550 ft. I’m still hoping for some revelation. Possibility a surprise at the end.


10 foot ceilings, while not low by any means, still doesn’t sound as grand as I would expect for a building for billionaires. I imagine, 12 foot for many units except maybe those at the very lowest levels?


I think it’s 1,559. I saw that somewhere – maybe on the latest DOB app.


Yeah definitely 12’. Even some mid rises which are luxury and rising have that standard. I hope the architect designed it that way.


95 real floors I believe


Amended Diagram per DOB (8/2016)



Sep 16


I walked by on Sep 21st. My camera was dead, but it appears that the cantilever has started.


ILNY on SSP posted these, it looks like it has started rising again as well.



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