NEW YORK | Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St.) | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


Interesting. That’s one way of looking at it. Others, I think, see it as a huge government handout. Corporate welfare as it were. And although that might be a mistaken interpretation of things, opposition on such grounds hardly counts as “Marxist.” Quite the opposite I should think!

But in any case, back on topic!


maybe this topic should be taken elsewhere? Here perhaps? NEW YORK | Various News About Our City and Q&A


I deleted all of the rubbish with Amazon. Let’s keep this about CPT. Whats done is done. The Amazon thread will reopen if there is real news about it.


Speaking of CPT, it’s definitely rising again.


19 floors above the mechanical floor, forms moving up to the next floor. 1,340 feet high







Now 21 floors above the mechanical floor, 4 floors to the setback. Near 1,370 feet, 88% up


Soooo close to overtaking 432


Another 200ft is insane.


Yeah i seriously can’t believe it. Just the last 200 ft of this building would be the tallest building in every county except one here in Wisconsin. 200 ft in New York is different than 200 feet anywhere else.



Green lines are floors above the setback


Beautiful! We could see the last residential floor poured before the end of March. The race w 111w57 to top out is going to be down to the wire



It is very impressive up close


One57 is butt ugly from the east/west :face_vomiting:


Josh85, I agree with you. Today I don’t understand why midtown manhattan to built ugly tower. You know I prefer better before is Twin Towers WTC and Empire State Building tallest buildings only.