NEW YORK | Brooklyn Point (1 City Point) | 745 FT | 68 FLOORS




HOLY MOLYYYYYYYY that infinity pool is something else!!! Forget Steinway, I want a flat in this building!




Nice! I tried finding myself in your pics. Maybe one day. Haha. I took this a few hours ago.


Haha mine was later. I think this tower is going to be nice.


I agree. The latest renderings look sick. Had to go back and see who designed it. Apparently it is KPF.




the base is really nice, but the tower portion is kind of meh. It looks better from afar, like in the other renderings.


The little building to the left will be replaced soon as well.



Good to see this rising, the pace of development at 9 Dekalb has been disappointing. Brooklyn Point could actually hold title of tallest in Brooklyn for some time when completed.







I understand they had some issues, should speed now.


Great update as usual! Looks like they are above the podium and hopefully will speed along faster now. Cant wait to see how the cladding will turn out on this one. Should be very nice.






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