NEW YORK | Battery Maritime Building



This is an interesting concept. However, I’m puzzled why Ismael Leyva opted for putting a boxy glass structure on top of an historic, beaux arts-style building as opposed to going with a far more intuitive design a la Paris’ Grand Palais.


Me and you both


I think the restaurant concept could work in this space but am less certain whether people will want to stay in a hotel located above a ferry terminal. Adding additional retail space instead of a hotel seems like it would be a more natural fit for the building and location.


I suppose it’s pointless to use this forum simply to complain about something that’s already been built (in this particular case I think the current developers inherited a fait accompli from the previous developer who had made a mess of it).


So accepting what can’t be changed, creating a street level plaza a la this rendering by SHoP seems like a good idea. Since the NYC’s Economic Development Corporation is involved, this is a rare instance in which I believe the government’s power should be leveraged to push this through and just build the damn thing.