Was just thinking about this… just speculation on my part.

Just speculation, but what if Amazon is leasing the space temporarily at Chrystal City (if it happens, given the vacancy rate being high), moves into LIC NY, and when more space is created, eventually relocates the talent to LIC in total.

All under one roof, once the master plan is up and running in LIC?

Possibly using the DC metro to gain the talent easier as it has two locations to draw from, build the talent pool, and provide relocation and housing assistance once the LIC/Queens facility is up to make the transition from DC to NY?



As a Queens resident and 7 train midtown commuter, I am absolutely delighted yet quite worried as well…

However let’s not count our chicken before they hatched and wait for the official press release.


Bezos will have a cush commute from 63rd Street and Central Park West to LIC.

Thinking longer-term, I wonder if Amazon execs have already discussed the possibility of future expansion somewhere in Manhattan. In terms of being able to attract top talent, an office in Manhattan is a big draw only a few other cities can compete with.


All of a sudden this seems closer to coming alive:

Anable Basin proposal envisions a massive mixed-use district along the Long Island City waterfront.


NYC is the only city that could, with the arrival of Amazon, very quickly start competing with Silicon Valley for talent for the types of tech jobs the company offers. With the arrival of Amazon and the business cluster effect it will have, NYC can relatively easily move into a role as the Silicon Valley of the East and perhaps soon enough surpass the Valley in its “pull” for talent.


It’s going to have to happen more units are needed and here is a different way to help put somewhat of a dent in housing the possible 25,000 new residents in NYC


About 80,000 people currently work in LIC. While most of those workers also live in Queens, about 8,500 commute from Long Island and about the same number commute from Manhattan. Now would be a good time for city government to take the gloves off with the MTA. Heads will need to roll.


A new pedestrian crossing between Manhattan, Roosevelt Island and Long Island City would be a great start to improving transit issues in the area.


Subway fares need to rise dramatically. New Yorkers want great service, but they don’t want to pay for it. This city should stop catering to the poor, who will inevitably cry foul if fares are raised. Frankly, through absurd NY benefits, “the poor” take taxis all over courtesy of NY taxpayers. Nonetheless, they’d freak out if fares are raised.


The fares do need to go up, but the MTA is unbelievably corrupt and the state, the city, and the MTA have severely mismanaged the money they’ve been given. The New York subway is a disgrace - NYC is one of only two alpha++ cities in the world and deserves much better. Tourists are typically shocked at the state of the subway when they visit and at how dirty they are. How can this be? is the common refrain.

Londoners pay more for the tube but they get so much more for it. I believe in Cuomo to get the job done, but they need to look to other global cities to see how subways are built, maintained, and managed, not just build more of the same like they did with the Second Avenue stations. A complete top to bottom redesign and approach is needed.

This is an excellent video:


No fare hike. The MTA is inefficient and incompetent with too much money to play with already. Its management of the 2nd Avenue subway line should become a case study in business schools on how not to manage a major infrastructure project. Other cities complete similar projects faster, better, and cheaper.


True, but other cities haven’t let everything go to [email protected]#$ like NYC has. It’s going to be a looong way back as they’ve kicked this can so far down the road that it will be enormously expensive to fix (they’re estimating 40b).


Looks like I presaged Amazon’s moves again:


I’ve always felt NYC’s sh**** infrastructure was part of its charm. Even if I’m away from this place for a long time, I can always rely on coming back to the same really crappy things that’ll never get fixed, never change.


But in this case there are at least 25,000 reasons to take the current MTA to the woodshed. Playtime is over for those morons.


I agree. The unions are an anathema that result in absurd costs.



i don’t know if this was posted before but…


Why is no one mentioning the NYC ferry system in all of the articles about how Amazon in NYC will overburden the MTA? I had never focused on the ridership numbers before since I don’t use the ferry, but they’re impressive, as is apparently the quality of service. For potential commuters from Manhattan, a private, round-the-clock Amazon-operated shuttle service for employees could complete the final step of the commute.