Not sure if this mean Newark is out of the running but it looks like its down to 3… Crystal City, Virginia; Dallas, Texas; and New York City


Please. For the love of god. Lease some space here and get 2 WTC going! Please amazon! Help us out!


If it is true that they are looking to set up in two different cities, I could see then choosing NY.

If they do choose NY, I hope they set up shop at the new WTC. They originally wanted 500k square feet by the end of 2019. Splitting that up would mean they need 250k square feet, which is already available at 1WTC or 3WTC.

They wanted 8 million square feet in the next 10 years as well. The 4 million would easily fill up 2WTC, 1WTC, and nearly fill the entirety of 3WTC.

A hotel/residential tower at 5WTC would work well if this were to happen, especially with all of the new employees that might move into the area.

I shouldn’t get my hopes up though, something always goes wrong in the end with this site.


Let’s presume Amazon splits HQ2 between NYC and Northern Virginia.

We could potentially get 25,000 jobs and 4 million square feet of space if it were 50/50.

That’s a HUGE deal.

Everyone counted us out the entire time.



Looks like its LIC


Yes! this belongs in our greatest city!


As I mentioned at the very beginning of this thread (link): Sunnyside Yards fits so well for this! They can start out with current office supply in LIC and plan their expansion right next door over the rail yards, and custom design their own campus


If true, this would be great!


I used to live in LIC and I’m all for it. But pretty worried about our transit infrastructure. Could it support it?


I hope that Amazon buys 2 WTC outright and pays Larry a construction fee.


The D.C. metro can’t support the current traffic it has, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping Amazon. Car traffic in Northern Virginia is absolutely abysmal, on par with much of L.A. And most of these Amazon workers will have to live much farther south in a Virginia due to very high property values in the Arlington area.

I think Queens is much better suited to handle this, but I share the same concerns, having lived in Astoria. I’m surprised that cities like Charlotte aren’t the front runners: it seems like a campus-style hub would be better.


It’d be nice if Amazon jumpstarted the development of the rail yard. Too bad for Newark, but another gem in NYC’s crown. I wouldn’t even mind an Amazon Garden if it meant MSG was moved over to the Sunnyside Yard.


I agree. I’ve thought for quite some time that MSG should be in LIC — right by the 7.


Ok please don’t tug at my fantasies. Removing MSG and giving the opportunity to improve Penn would make me an Amazon Prime member for life.


bloomberg too


Cornell look like absolute geniuses for building a dedicated tech campus on Roosevelt Island, just a subway stop or two from Amazon’s future HQ, making it the obvious feeder school for aspiring engineers. Stanford East?


I was thinking the same!


I am so excited. I can’t believe NYC is going to be this fortunate, but then again I can.



I’m not even a new yorker but i am pissing myself with excitement for NYC!


25,000 jobs and 4 million square feet of office space!!!

It’s a bonanza!!