Newark, Pittsburg or Columbus.


I do hope. Newark would be great. And the moral boost, the potential business will really accelerate the city into a new golden era. Newark is untapped potential. I really want it to go the way of Jersey City. Granted things are happening, but this might just be the catalyst that the doctor prescribed.


I agree!


Much as I want Newark to get it, I think one of the ones in the DC area where Bezos has his new $25 million house and the Washington Post is most likely.


Miami’s Offer To Amazon: A City Within A City

This is one of the proposals sent to Amazon as part of Miami’s bid package.

Amazon is being offered a combination of the Miami Innovation District and the adjacent Miami Worldcenter as a single supersite for their HQ2 campus, TNM has learned.

The Innovation District/Worldcenter site is one of eight sites offered to Amazon in the Miami area, including five in Miami-Dade and three in Miami city limits (lawyers for the Beacon Council have blocked our attempts to obtain the full proposal).

It offers intense zoning density, enough to allow employees to not only work but also to live on or near campus. In total, nearly 23 million square feet of space is planned between the two developments, including office, residential, retail and hotel – creating a live, work, and play environment.

Since the property is within Overtown Community Redevelopment Area boundaries, the sites would be eligible for Tax Increment Financing, which could exceed over $1 billion in value.

The campus would be have excellent transit connectivity:

Brightline high speed rail service to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach (2018), Orlando (2020) and beyond
Tri-Rail to Broward and Palm Beach counties
Metromover throughout Downtown and Brickell
Metrorail, including airport access
In the immediate surrounding area:

Marriott Marquis Hotel – 1,800 keys, 500,000 square feet convention space (in development)
MiamiCentral – retail, office, residential and transit hub (2018)
Museum Park – Frost Museum of Science, Perez Art Museum
Arsht Center for Performing Arts



Newark should be a much stronger contender with those crazy incentives they’re offering. I almost feel bad for NJ taxpayers if they get it.

here’s the sites for their bid, btw


Amazon Reps are somewhat surreptitiously touring all of the shortlist cities. Apparently they hit up Newark in the last few weeks.

I wouldnt put too much reliance on where media outlets are predicting HQ2 will land. It seems like a lot of them are putting on the proverbial tin foil hat. I hear the latest theory for DC or Boston is based off job adverts.
It’s kind of like predicting the outcome of a match between closely matched professional sports teams. You can analyze both teams all you want and predict who wins before the match, but either team can win the match in the end.


In my opinion HQ2 should go to Detroit. Amazon should buy all the land available there, build housing for its employees and become the biggest landlord of the country. There you go, affordable and free of NIMBYs.



They should move here


I wouldn’t mind it, it would still have a positive effect on New Jersey but without the billions in tax breaks



Sadly, Northern Virginia appears to be the front-runner. Not that this counts for anything, but Bezos does have a pied-a-terre in Manhattan in The Century on Central Park West. Not surprisingly he’s almost never there.


He also has a “mansion” he has rebuilt in DC


Yep. Choosing Newark would be absolutely great for both Amazon and Newark, but terrible for NJ, financially.


How about Newark & 2 world trade?


And a house in Beverly Hills which he then combined with his neighbor’s house when they put it up for sale.


I don’t see 2 WTC since Amazon wants to lease existing commercial space rather than wait years for a skyscraper to be built.


HQ2 will reportedly be split evenly between 2 cities. NYC + NEWARK?