“I can’t see them really coming to New York, realistically,” Ross said in a Bloomberg Television interview.

“As much as I would like to see them, the cost of doing business in New York is far greater than anywhere else. And they’re always looking to do things – at the scale that they do things – not at the highest price point.”


Concur, Robert.


the city proper might not be considered, but the metro area is a possibility. I still hope Newark makes a bid.

Westchester and Stamford are making bids


These tech entrepreneurs love New York — and they think Amazon would, too.

Tech:NYC, a nonprofit member organization that represents people in the city’s growing tech industry, has penned a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos urging him to set up the web retail giant’s second headquarters in New York City.

Among those signing on to the letter are Fred Wilson, chairman of Tech:NYC and a key investor in Twitter and Tumblr, Tim Armstrong, the head of the merged AOL and Yahoo company dubbed OATH, Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani, and Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa, founders of eyeglass company Warby Parker.

“We say this from a place of experience, having chosen ourselves to build and grow companies here because we believe New York is special, with a diverse and supportive ecosystem, and a uniquely dynamic culture,” the letter, which will be sent to Bezos Wednesday, says.

New York City is a global center for industries from finance to fashion, offers a diverse workforce fluent in more than 200 languages, and offers a wealth of transit options and cultural institutions.

And they boasted the city’s growing tech bona fides — more than 6,000 start-ups and more than 7,000 tech firms employing more than 300,000 people, with tech becoming the city’s fastest growing sector. The city also has 24 million square feet of office spacing coming online in the next five years, they wrote, and plans to teach computer science to all its public school students by 2025.

They also boasted the city is able “to accomplish audacious projects.”

“Just this month, as you know, Cornell Tech launched its new two million square foot campus on Roosevelt Island, which took less than seven years to execute from idea to three free-standing buildings,” the letter says, going on to plug the city’s Hudson Yards and Brooklyn Navy Yard development and to tout its ability to attract future talent from “Generation Z.”

“Amazon already has a significant and growing NYC presence, so it will be no surprise when we tell you that, simply put, there is nowhere like New York,” they wrote.


NY or Boston would be the best choices, but stupidly, neither city will give Amazon the money it seeks. I think that Dallas, Atl., or Chi will get it.


I just wanna say how ridiculous the name “OATH” sounds… Yahoo + AOL, owned by Verizon = OATH? That said, Hudson Yards would be a cool place for Amazon!



all the newspapers, economists and real estate moguls are “predicting” where HQ2 will be, but in the end it comes down to Amazon, who may choose a dark horse in the end.

Meanwhile, some competition in-state for Austin.

“It’s a Legacy West type of project with the potential of 8 million square feet,” said KDC chief executive Steve Van Amburgh.
Called Dallas Smart District, the planned urban development would stretch along Canton Street from the Farmers Market to the convention center.
“It has fantastic access and close to all the amenities downtown,” said KDC executive vice president Walt Mountford. “We are 18 miles from one of the busiest airports in the world.”

KDC officials say they included the Dallas Smart District site in potential locations offered for digital retailer Amazon’s new $5 billion second corporate headquarters complex.
The first phase would include 600,000 to 1 million square feet of office space

I’m glad to hear Newark has put in a bid.

Earlier this week, both Chicago and Newark officially submitted bids for the HQ2.


If NY doesn’t get it, I hope that Dallas or Atlanta does. Those cities are known for giving the massive financial incentives that Amazon seeks.



Read an outline of New York City’s Amazon proposal below.


I’m curious about the financial incentives that Dallas, Atl, and Chi offered. I haven’t seen any details yet.


Our leaders are morons.


I agree, Robert. NYC gave tax breaks to Spotify and Conde to occupy space at the Trade Center…why can’t they do the same to get Amazons 2nd headquarters here?


It would be really good if Newark gets it. I think it would definitely kick start a big boom, in which, the city needs it.


I believe NY State offered tax breaks, but not the city indeed.


They should. Shame the city government sucks. Sure they will get tax breaks hypothetically if the city decided, but the impact for the economy is big. Long term, the extra demand, the benefit to the businesses in the area are worth the cuts.

The idea IMO should be to lure them, and then long-term see the economic benefits. Its kinda short sighted on the NYC local govt…


I wonder if NJ’s offer is firmly tied to Newark. A campus in the Hudson in JC would be nice.

Since NY isn’t getting this, I vote for:



wow Newark is under serious consideration! I hope they get it. Surprisingly, NYC also made the shortlist. Perhaps the city is indeed courting Amazon with Silverstein and 2 WTC?

I would wager on Newark, Austin, Philly, Boston and Chicago.


I hope Newark gets it. That city could sure use the revitalization. Also I read that proximity to an international airport is important… so there you go.


I’m going to call it now and say Newark will get it. What other city on the list has the combination of small size, international airport, freight hub, proximity to major world capital, cheap real estate, and world class schools? Not to mention it’ll get huge good press for betting on an underdog city.