NEW YORK | American Copper Buildings | 540 + 470 FT | 49 + 40 FLOORS


Walked by these today and tried to get a close shot at the bridge


Great update, G.


Dec 14



Credit: Noel Y. Calingasan




Beautiful indeed!
Nice find, Chris!


Looks great already. Will look even better once the construction elevator on that south tower comes down.




I really hope that China Oceanwide retains ShOP for 80 South Street. Everything the do is amazing.


Wrong, :slight_smile: See 38 6th Avenue and 461 Dean. Such a disappointment next to Barclays Center, the complete opposite imo.




Most of the copper has faded/oxidized very fast. It was gloomy today but the facade looks mostly dull brownish copper. It still looks great overall though and on sunny days it will likely be better. It is cool to see where they replaced one of the construction elevators on the north tower. It is so bright and orange!


Yikes. I think it will look cool when more green comes in.






Nice photos, JC!






HI! It looks finished…Can you tell me if it’s already completed? Thanks!!!