NEW YORK | American Copper Buildings | 540 + 470 FT | 49 + 40 FLOORS




Your shots are really on the high rank, Tectonic!
I completely agree with VG and IamtheSTIG!




Spotted it on CNN.


Integrating a 3 story steel bridge into a pair of independently swaying concrete structures 300 feet in the air! Awesome! Kudos to Buro Happold engineers for making this happen!


I’d love to cross that skybridge!


Me “two”, Vortex11 ^^


These are very good pictures, SideStreet!
Just look at the details of its facades!
Nicely done! Both your pictures and their engineering!


Great pics and updates today Sidesteeet!

I would also like to cross that skybridge. Preferably crossing it in that pool!

It sure is amazing engineering and beautiful archetecture.


Great shots sidestreet, and thanks for joining. Joined a day ago, and is already making a hell of a first impression.


Can see the tower dead center. O and some trippy fire works! Happy freedom day America!!!

Credit: Andrey Elizarov


What absolute beauty:







Totally agree, robertwalpole


new interior renderings have been released




Thank you Dragon! Beautiful, heart stopping capture!


You’re welcome, Dennis. Glad you liked it. ^^


Another utter masterpiece for NYC!