NEW YORK | American Copper Buildings | 540 + 470 FT | 49 + 40 FLOORS






I’m John Boehner, and I approve that message!


Love this shot you found, VG!
Especially with the Chrysler Building over there!


from east river



ya the bottom pic was one of those I like better once I reviewed it. I liked the way the ESB is peaking on the left side of the copper buildings.

The Circle line cruise is only 32 bucks for the night cruise, and you get 2 hours a great views of the skyline. They go from 42nd St Hudson river to the UN Building on the east river and then return.



Nice pictures, JC_Heights!



Nice picture, Tectonic!


I love these buildings already. :heart_eyes:


Nice pics JC!!


Nice pics indeed!!
Good job, JC_Heights!


These buildings kinda have a sensual vibe. They should be renamed the Boom Boom towers.




it’s already going green. It’s especially noticeable on the bottom portion of the tower.




Wow, Amazing pictures as always!


So clean and crisp, I really do admire your photography skills!